Judith Pannan

October 17, 2018

Hi there,

Just wanted to drop you a congratulatory note. I found your soap (limited range now that I have found your website from which I shall order in the future) in a Coles Supermarket in Mackay Queensland.

I started revisiting the idea of soap after the plastic bag ‘no go zone’ with supermarket shopping. It made me ask myself what else can I do to save on the amount of plastic going into the environment e.g.: body wash products, shampoo etc. I started looking at soaps and started purchasing soaps – then yesterday I found your product – just love that it has next to no waste regarding packaging and a wonderful benefit is you can smell the fragrance when you pick it up to have a look at it: love that it is an Australian product (father & son – even better) and that it is plant based, sustainable and with no testing on animals. Well done everyone and thank you so very much. A very appreciative customer.