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Beautify Your Bathroom | Without Seeing Your Savings Go Down the Drain

July 22, 2021

Ever wondered if it was possible to give your bathroom a fresh new look without even needing to pick up a hammer or paintbrush?

Yes! It’s totally possible thanks to our must-know bathroom styling hacks.

Whether you’re a renter or you’re looking for affordable ways to refresh your space, our easy and effective styling tips can see your bathroom go from drab to fab in a single weekend without breaking the bank.

Get Organised

Organisation has become so much more than a necessity these days but a literal design trend! There’s no shortage of organisation inspiration online and even on our Netflix accounts so we absolutely had to mention it.

Beautifying your bathroom should begin with a solid declutter. You’ll no doubt be surprised with how much you’ve been hoarding in your bathroom! Give your skincare, makeup, haircare and everything in between a solid review and remove anything that no longer serves you.

Once you’ve automatically gained a tonne of newfound space, organise your products to avoid the clutter happening again. One of the most affordable and stylish ways of doing this is by using acrylic containers.

Each bathroom category (think a space just for your Australian Botanical Soap collection) has its own designated home in a container and with the help of a stylish label printed for the front, your shelves are now looking not just tidy but totally stylish.

Two other ways to get organised can be to utilise the inside of your cabinet doors to hang styling products like hair curlers and straighteners. This keeps them off the bathroom vanity and hanging safely inside. A huge trend interior designers are loving is the use of a Lazy Susan to store regularly used products like makeup and skincare to allow seamless but oh so organised access. This keeps your products off the vanity to maintain a minimalistic and decluttered space.

Accessorise with Colour

A streamlined and coordinated bathroom starts with consistent colours. To bring in a secondary colour to your bathroom fittings or walls, harness the power of accessories.

Bathroom accessories are plentiful and come in every colour, texture and pattern that you could imagine. Let your creativity run wild and find a collection that truly sums up your design inspiration and style. Our top tip when choosing bathroom accessories is to be consistent. Choosing multiple colours or patterns can appear mismatched and takes away from the cohesiveness we’re chasing.

Shades of blush pink, emerald green and textures like concrete and terrazzo regularly feature at the top of design trend lists and can be sourced at many budgets.

When accessorising, think soap holders (showcase your Australian Botanical Soap #shelfie #mybotanicalsoap), toothbrush holders, fresh hand towels and even a bath caddy.

Update your Shower Curtain (Seriously!)

This is without a doubt the most affordable way to give your bathroom a refresh without breaking the bank. An old shower curtain can give impressions of a tired bathroom so updating to something bolder and modern is one of the simplest ways to breathe life into an old space.

Spanning from almost the ceiling to the floor, shower curtains can become a statement feature of your bathroom. If you’re renting or limited on space, upgrading your shower curtain can instantly act in the same way a feature wall of wallpaper or paint would.

The best part?

You can totally transform your bathroom on the regular - switching up the style of your bathroom just got a whole lot more affordable.

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