Hi there,

Just wanted to drop you a congratulatory note. I found your soap (limited range now that I have found your website from which I shall order in the future) in a Coles Supermarket in Mackay Queensland.

I started revisiting the idea of soap after the plastic bag ‘no go zone’ with supermarket shopping. It made me ask myself what else can I do to save on the amount of plastic going into the environment e.g.: body wash products, shampoo etc. I started looking at soaps and started purchasing soaps – then yesterday I found your product – just love that it has next to no waste regarding packaging and a wonderful benefit is you can smell the fragrance when you pick it up to have a look at it: love that it is an Australian product (father & son – even better) and that it is plant based, sustainable and with no testing on animals. Well done everyone and thank you so very much. A very appreciative customer.


Judith Pannan

I love your soaps!


Love your soap!!! I have had dry itchy skin for years, your soap is so moisturising it soothes my dry itchy skin. |


Just purchased the frangipani scent soap from Woolies. I immediately went back and bought another. I have put them in my clothes drawers as well use on my body. It is AWESOME soap. Also, it does not wash away in the water to only last a short time. It smells great, it feels great. It is just all around AWESOMELY Beautiful soap. Thank you.

Ms Mani Muir

Just thought I would say well done on a great product and even better that it is being made by a family run business. I have been involved in contract manufacturing for personal care and household cleaning products for more than 20 years so can relate to your journey. Keep up the great work my family and I look forward to using your quality products for years to come.

Craig Watson

Lovely mild and long-lasting Soap

I bought 2 bars of this recently while on holiday and I absolutely love it, it is lovely and mild on the skin and it lasts for ages. Also, the lemon or citrus scent is beautiful, not too over powering like some scents.

Glenis Shaw

I bought a bar of this soap in Daylesford and loved it so much that I tracked it down online. It has a wonderful scent and the crushed eucalyptus leaves make an excellent exfoliator. It also lasts a long time and does not disintegrate like other handmade soaps do.

I have found your soap at my local IGA and am incredibly impressed with your product, firstly that is Australian made and owned and secondly, that the fragrance is wonderful. I can smell it just walking into the bathroom. The mango and lemongrass are currently my favourites. I’ve been recommending your product to friends and will keep doing so. Thank you


Just come home from travelling the entire wine country of Australia and bought home some of your soap, I have sensitive skin and never use soap but love yours.

Tara, Vancouver, Canada

Stumbled on your soap while on a trip to Melbourne, can’t get over how good they are! Keep up the good work.


Hooray! I have tracked you down on the internet. Yours is the only soap I will ever use.


This soap is beautiful. It has a lovely fragrance, lasts a long time, and the family love it too. Best soap ever!


This soap is divine to use, not only cleansing and moisturising to the skin, the fragrance is refreshingly pleasant for both females and males whatever age. The whole family loves using it. Now that I know I can buy it on line I shall be doing so and by the box.

Valerie Harley

This soap is literally so good I have decided to review it, which is something I rarely do. As I have sensitive skin, I am particular what I use on my skin. I was tired of bland products and decided to give this soap a go after reading that it had no harsh chemicals and was as naturally sourced as soap can be. That was over 6 months ago, and now it is my favorite beauty product. Since using it I’ve even noticed improvements in the way my skin looks and feels. Its rich, beautifully scented in a delicate way and makes your skin feel amazing. I love it and recommend it to everybody. Oh, and did I mention its Australian made? Even better.