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Spread the word - It’s Australian Made Week 2022!

June 6, 2022

"Australia is world-renowened for making quality products, and that includes the world's best soap bar."

Scott Apperley, CEO Australian Botanical Soap

When you buy Australian-made products, you support Aussie jobs and local communities.

You’re also getting peace of mind, knowing that Australia is renowned for its high-quality products right throughout the world.

A soap bar bearing an Australian Made logo

As a genuine family-owned and operated Australian company with our products manufactured locally in Melbourne, Australian Botanical Soap is thrilled to support this year’s Australian Made Week, from June 6-12.

We wear our heritage with pride. All our soap bars bear the famous green and gold Australian Made, Australian Grown logo, in fully bio-degradable labels.

This week, we’re asking you to join the 93 percent of Australians who prefer to buy products
made in Australia*. Even better, encourage your friends and family to do the same.

From Melbourne market stalls to 3,000 stores Australia-wide

Creating the perfect all-Australian soap bar doesn’t just happen overnight.

Each bar we create in our Melbourne factory contains the highest quality ingredients to moisturise and clean the skin without stripping its natural oils, reflecting 20 years of incredible attention to detail.

Our soaps contain no artificial preservatives (EDTA) and no artificial exfoliants (SLS). We don’t test our products on animals, and our bars are triple-milled, meaning we can offer the purest form of soap possible. 

We also like to think each bar embodies a little bit of our back story.

Father-and-son team John and Scott Apperley, pictured below, are the founders of
Australian Botanical Soap, which has evolved from Melbourne’s market scene to global

After noticing a gap in the market for a chunky pure plant oil soap bar, they’ve developed a product widely available in Australia and is now in hot demand in around 20 other countries - from the UK, US and Europe to Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.

“Once we got our start at the markets in the early 2000s, it wasn’t long before we were supplying Leo’s at Heidelberg, a well-known store in Melbourne,” says Scott. “We approached them to see if we could display our soap on a table that was set aside for new products within the store.

“While Mr. Leo agreed to give it a go, I remember him telling my dad to be aware that the store received pitches from suppliers to carry thousands of new products.  

“Despite it all, 600 of our soap bars sold that weekend. People loved it and that was really the beginning of it all. 

“There was literally a lot of knocking on doors, but from there we branched out to IGA stores throughout the country, and the rest is history.

“In the early days, Dad would hand-deliver our soaps from the factory to stores in Melbourne and place them on the shelves,” says Scott. “The way we do some things however never change - we’re still as focussed as ever on product development.  

“In the beginning, we were determined to create a lasting change within the Australian soap industry.

“One of our innovations then has been creating a collection of distinctly Australian fragrances.”

From Kakadu Plum with Wattle Seed Oil to Eucalyptus with Lemon, Lime and Petitgrain, and many more, there’s something for everyone’s skin – and nose!  

We’ve also recently expanded our product offering, with an exciting new range of scented candles now available. And true to our origins, all our products are entirely manufactured within Australia.

Today, Australian Botanical Soap supplies products to around 3,000 stores Australia-wide, including IGA, Coles, Woolworths, and Costco.

A special offer for all!

Coinciding with Australian Made Week from June 6-12, 2022, we’re offering a special “Mates Rates” deal through our online shop.

Use discount code AMW22 at our cart or checkout to obtain 20% off the following products:

  • All 12 Pack Bar Soaps
  • Liquid Soap + 4 Bar Packs

*Roy Morgan Research, 2020

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